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Prey, cover

Prey by Katy Mann, book cover


I am pleased to announce that my book Prey is now available on Amazon.


Christa, a shy college student, is interning at a Chicago law firm. One morning, she spots a mysterious stranger across the street from her office. This seemingly casual event tears Christa from her world and sends her into a terrifying struggle with the remorseless immortal, Mack.


Mack comes from another time and place, not so long ago in years, but very far from Christa’s urban world. Mack came of age in the era of bootlegging, where the strong took what they needed to survive, and he has become interested in Christa.


On a trip to Europe, Christa comes across evidence of the supernatural, which she tries hard to ignore, but on her return she ends up being trapped in a clandestine network where human blood is farmed to satisfy vampire thirst.


Soon she becomes caught in a power struggle between two covens, a fight that threatens her mortal existence and forces her to make choices leading her into a deeper understanding of humanity and her own soul.


This is not a love story.


Prey is a novella with a word count of 35,000 words.


Link to Prey on Amazon: http://goo.gl/6M433F


Link:  http://goo.gl/6M433F


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