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4 mermaids second try

Mermaid Bookmark Giveaway!


Local artist Karen Bagnard creates a fantasy realm I have always longed to visit.  She brings mermaids, fairies, and other storyland inhabitants to life in our world through her art.


I first found her magical work at a friend’s house when I moved to California.  I’ve been collecting her images ever since.


Now I want to share this world with you.  I am going to do a giveaway of mermaid bookmarks I have picked up from her collection to those who sign up for an e-mail subscription to this blog.  After signing up, please post in the comment section below which bookmark you want.  Show first, second, and third choices.  I will update the available images as selections are taken.


This first lady, Urban Mermaid, Karen told me is one of her favorites.  It features a cosmopolitan mermaid, her long hair artfully arranged on top of her head, posed in front of a moonlit cityscape across a bay.


Urban mermaid


This next bookmark is one of my favorites.  Karen’s catalogue lists this lady as Danish Mermaid, and I have always imagined her to be the mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.  She has a much more innocent look than her sophisticated sister above.


Danish mermaid


Beaded is someone else who might be the Little Mermaid.  The ornament for her long hair is a starfish, and she’s looking directly at the viewer.  With her tail curled next to her, she seems to be inviting you to sit for a chat.

Beaded mermaid


This final bookmark, Sea Flowers, features a teal-tailed mermaid hugging a bouquet of roses underwater as bubbles rise around her.


Sea Flower mermaid


These are but a few of the beautiful images from Karen’s amazing catalogue.


So please sign up, so that I can send you your choice of a bookmark!


To see all of Karen’s imaginative creations, please visit her website:  http://morethanmermaids.com/

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