Katy Mann – Writer
Writing and reviewing horror fiction, because I love scary stories!



I have always lived somewhere in the space between the real world and the world of my imagination.


I love creating with my hands, shaping beads into jewelry, crafting words into stories.


I am a transplanted Midwesterner, residing in California’s world of eternal green.  I still remember the feel of the snap of chilly autumn air, and the smell and sound of autumn leaves blown by the wind.


I loved the spooky seasons back then, the night times of the year.  The feel of encroaching winter, as fall winds whipped around my building at night, rocking the building while pelting the windows with sheets of cold rain.


I dream of vampires and other creatures of the night who walk under a pale moon that disappears then reappears behind thin wisps of clouds above bare trees.


I love the dark seasons, those times when anything can happen.


I hope you enjoy my writing as well as my reviews of other horror-thriller books and movies.






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